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We at GMW Australia are eligible and qualified to provide our clients with a site survey to ensure that our delivery always arrives on time and we are 100 % part of the manufacturing, storage and delivery process of pristine quality goods. This is a great option for customers who do not want the strain of being forced to measure out the amount of steel and can leave that headache to us.

We are able to provide our customers with a flexible site survey appointment that will suit their schedule and ease them into the entire process of delivery whilst assuring them of the quality of the product being delivered.
At GMW Australia we are technologically equipped to handle and provide our customers with drawn designs and 3D models of their final structure. Thus being equipped with AUTOCAD we are able to commit and let our customers visualize what their final product will look like and take in their opinion through their engineer or architect for any tweaks it may require.
With this advanced service we are aiming to make our customer a part of the manufacturing process. We have a variety of open drawing formats available such as:
◦ AutoCAD
◦ DXF File Format
◦ CATIA, NX, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer
◦ Rhinoceros, NX and Solid Work
We fabricate the structure of the steel in your construction projects and with a storm of new ideas equipped with years of training, experience and knowledge our team is able to provide you, our client with a solid reason to return to us for every new project.
We are able to provide our clients with:
◦ Flitch Plates
◦ Tee Beams
◦ Spliced Beams
◦ Goal Post Frames
◦ Box Frames
◦ Cranked Beams
We also hold a large stock of varying steel products in storage to allow you to order and thus be able to provide you with the product in short notice. These items in stock consist of:
◦ Universal beams
◦ Universal columns
◦ Parallel flange channel
◦ Equal angle
◦ Unequal angle
◦ Flat plate
◦ Square hollow section
◦ Rectangle hollow section
◦ Solid square
◦ Rebar
We at GMW Australia provide our customers with a delivery service that suits their needs and time options. Our carrying lorries are mounted with a crane that makes the task of loading and off-loading simple, effective and safe. Our drivers are 100 % licensed, trained and certified to operate and use the cranes. To find out more you visit out sister site:
We cover a wide range of delivery areas and to find out what places are included you can contact us through our information on the contact page.